Sandwiches $4.30

Choose ONE protein source

- Chicken

- Roast Lamb

- Mashed Egg

-Tasty Cheese


Choose ANY vegetables

- Lettuce

- Spinach

- Grated Carrot

- Grated Beetroot

- Cucumber Slices

- Tomato

All sandwiches are served on Organic Sourdough Rye Bread. Our bread is deliciously soft (for those of you who like soft white bread), but is filling, wholesome and tasty....... and healthy!

GLUTEN Free. The ever popular LETTUCE WRAP is back! GF bread, Corn Cakes or Rice Cakes are also available.

Zucchini Slice $4.00


Rice Paper Rolls (x2) $4.00
(Chicken + Vegie) (GF/Egg Free)

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (x2) $4.00

(GF/Egg Free)

Meatballs (x4) $4.00

Lamb and Veg

(GF/Egg Free)

Dipping Sauces 50 cents

Tomato Sauce

Soy Sauce

Side Dishes

Boiled Egg $1.00


Vegie Sticks $2.00

Choose 3 of the following:

Celery / Red Capsicum / Cucumber / Cherry Tomato / Carrot/ Snow Peas



Slinky Apple $1.50

Morning Snack

Canteen Doors will be open for the first 15 minutes of snack break.
No need to order in advance - just line up with your coins to buy;

Frozen Icy Poles   $1.50

Icy Poles contain no sugar, no gluten and no egg.... just beautiful fruit...(some icy poles contain yoghurt)

After School Food

Canteen Doors will be open after school until 4pm.

Icy Pole   $1.50

Fruit Sorbet   $2.00
No sugar, gluten or egg.

Freshly Baked Muffins $2.00

We endeavour to make GF muffins and Egg-Free muffins available too

All food is nut free.

We are willing and able to cater for any food requirements...please let us know what you need.

To place your order click here

Any other questions? Look out for us in the playground or email/call us!

Or find us on Facebook....

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