Please contact us regarding any special dietary requirements

Our Wednesday menu differs from Friday's. There are no recess or after school snacks and the lunch menu only includes soups, sandwiches and main meals and slinky apples. The complete menu is available on Friday.

Sandwiches  $5.00

Choose ONE of the following:

- Chicken

- Tasty Cheese

- Tuna

Choose ANY vegetables:

- Lettuce

- Grated Carrot

- Grated Beetroot

- Cucumber Slices

- Tomato

SPECIAL: Vegemite and Cheese     $2.50

All served on sourdough bread with your choice of real butter or no butter.


Pumpkin or Vegetable       $4.00 (sm) - $6.00 (lge)
Slice of Bread with real butter or no butter    $1.00

Main Meals

Rice Paper Rolls     $5.00 (2)

Chicken or Vegan

Baked Potatoes  $5.00

Topping Choices  -  Choose up to three:
Cheese, Corn, Peas, Sour Cream, Baked Beans, Bolognese, Tuna

Spiral Pasta Beef (or Vegan) Bolognese  $5.00 (sm) - $8.00 (lge)


Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes   $5.00 (3) - $8.00 (5)

Sausage Rolls   $6.00
Chicken or Vegetarian


Recess and After School Snacks

Canteen Doors will be open after school until 4pm.

No need to order in advance - just line up with your coins.


Slinky Apples   $1.50
Freshly Baked ANZAC Biscuits   $2.00
Green Monster Muffins   $2.00

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